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European Community – Petition for Emotional Support Animals

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Animal lovers do not have it easy in the EU. It is more and more difficult to be together between humans and animals, more and more reservations, especially towards dogs, make it difficult for us animal lovers to be together with our little darlings. Travelling together is particularly difficult. We want to change that!!

Please support the following application for an EU-wide travel regulation: animals that are important for a human should now be allowed to travel together with the keeper without being pushed into their own transport cages in cargo holds.

We call on the EU Parliament to legislate on a legal travel provision that ESAs (emotional support animals, emotional support workers) may travel together with their pet owner.

You can register and support this application via the following link.

Every vote of support counts – your animal also benefits from it!

Please join in and press the link below!!

What it’s all about:

Animals support humans in many ways and are emotional partners. Then you should not be separated from man!

Please support the request to the EU Parliament to introduce the US-wide regime also in the EU. Humans and animals are no longer separated on flights!

This is how it goes (it takes about 3 min to place all inputs correctly):

  • Step 1: Open the link (direct link to application 1048/2019)
    If the correct page does not open, please enter the above-mentioned application number in the search box at the top right:
  • Step 2: Press the REGISTER button at the top right and create an account.
    This is fast. Only a few details are to be entered in the form – data is guaranteed to remain protected!!
  • Step 3: A confirmation link will be sent to the specified e-mail address – please open it upon receipt.
  • Step 4: Now log in via login button and enter petition number in the search field. 1048/2019
  • Step 5: Press the link for the support statement on the right edge.


It’s done.

Thank you very much !!

The request to recognize emotional support throughout the EU and not to separate humans and animals for the benefit of both is growing!

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