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You want to register your animal as Emotional Support Animal, or PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) so that your pet can accompany you even if it is not possible under normal circumstances. We have developed the non-profit project ESAeurope to help with this intention.

If your animal is with you, you

  • relax
  • are more confident
  • are more present in the here and now
  • feel less lonely
  • are free from constraints and other emotional limitations
  • are able to undertake many more activities in everyday life
  • are more confident than without your animal

With the acquisitionable membership card, it should also be easier to travel with the companion animal and take your animal to public institutions. We are working to expand our service permanently.

The PSD training of your dog to become a confirmed Psychiatric Service Animal according to US DoT standards is such another and new step. The registration process at ESAeurope (applies to ESA as well as PSD) is simple and free of charge and you will receive an email confirmation of your pet registration. Key points of our ESA Service are basically the ESAeurope Card and subsequently the PSD Card, in combination with the corresponding training for the Psychiatric Service Dog (according to US DoT Standard’s)

Note on the issuance of the ESAeurope Card and the PSDeurope Card:
Please note that confirmation from your psychotherapist or doctor is required to issue the full ESAeurope Card, as well as the PSDeurope Card. You can download the corresponding form free of charge in the shop. As a rule, this confirmation is very often issued by psychotherapists, care associations and also general doctors, since the benefit of an animal for the person concerned is clearly proven.

  • ESAeurope Card – (confirms your animal’s status as Emotional Support Animal)
    The ESAeurope Card is available for all animal species and documents the special psychological/psychiatric support that your animal provides to you. The ESAeurope Card requires a confirmation from your doctor or psychiatrist that your pet and you are an inseparable team. At the moment, however, we have to point out that Emotional Support Animals are being treated as normal “pets” by more and more airlines, as they do not require immediate training. Therefore, if you need the ESAeurope Card mainly for leftovers by plane, we recommend to train the PSDeurope Card to purchasers and your dog accordingly.
  • PSD-Card as well as PSD Online Training – (confirms the status of your dog as psychiatric service animal)
    with specific aptitude test to meet US DoT (Department of Transport) standards that enable you and your dog to fly with all airlines in the cabin (in development)that accept the US DoT standards. You can purchase the PSDCard if you either prove the necessary training and examination (you can find specifications in our FAQ’s) or if you book a corresponding online training with us and also take the necessary examination.
    We see the training we offer as a help for self-help. You train your dog and we provide the essential specifications, goals and procedures. The training is completed with a test that confirms the training content and necessary behavior. A certificate issued by ESAeurope as well as the PSDeurope Card documents the status of the dog as PSD according to US DoT standards.

If you do not have such confirmation, or if a doctor or psychotherapist is not available, we can also arrange an online therapy session in which the possibility to purchase an ESAeurope Card is discussed. In addition to the therapy interview, the prerequisite for this is to fill out a questionnaire, which we will make available to you in advance if you have booked the online therapy session. If you are interested in this possibility, please follow the following link to book an online therapy session: http://myways.at/produkt/online-therapie-sitzung-emotional-support-animal/

Our goal is to offer your animal (ESA as well as PSD) and you, as an human/animal partner team additional opportunities in the handling of daily or special tasks.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals, typically dogs, but sometimes cats or other animals that offer their owner therapeutic benefits through affection and companionship with mental/psychiatric dysfunction or contextual limitations (fear of flying, space anxiety, etc.). ESAs should have the necessary health, essential fitness, obedience and a pronounced positive social and environmental behavior so that they can support their owner in everyday life with specific assistance.

Please click on the respective picture to learn more about the respective topic.

It is important to know that an ESA animal has not been trained to perform a specific task. It only fulfils the function of being your emotional support animal. ESAs are therefore not considered service animals. They must therefore not be confused or compared with working dogs, such as guide dogs, assistance dogs, service animals, therapy animals or visiting dogs, which have been trained to perform special tasks. Of course, an ESA can train as a service animal and then enjoys the advantages associated with admission (e.g. as an assistant animal). Please also note, that if you register at ESAeurope, your dog does not become an assistance dog due to the registration process!


PSYCHIATRIC SERVICE DOG’S (PSD) are DOGS that offer their owner therapeutic benefits through affection and accompaniment with mental/psychiatric dysfunction or context (fear of flight, fear of space, etc.) and are at the same time trained to reinforce these limitations not only through their existence, but also through individual abilities; they thus take on special tasks. PSD’s must have the necessary health, essential aptitude, obedience and strong positive social and environmental behaviour, so that they can support their owner in everyday life with specific, individual-oriented assistance.


Our recommendation is to seek the official confirmation of your psychologist or psychotherapist, which confirms that you and your animal form a necessary human/animal partner team.

Beate + Burkhard - Ihr ESAeurope Team


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