Our mission is to assist people with mental health problems to lead a better and fuller life with the support of their animal.

Our services reflect this aspiration and offer you concrete ways to build a better bond and relationship with your pet, and to involve them more in your daily life.

(VfBB – Association for Bonding and Relationship between Humans and Animals)

Who we want to help?

  • People who are repeatedly subjected to psychological limitations in their lives (anxiety, depression, psychosomatic, burn out, to name a few)
  • People who have discovered an animal (in many cases a dog) for themselves as a real relief and help to cope with their psychological limitations.
  • People who always want to have their animal (their dog) with them and take it with them on trips (also air travel)

What is it all about?

  • You do not want to leave your pet / dog behind when you travel or go away. You want to have your pet / dog with you wherever you go because you feel safer and better.
  • You don’t want to risk your dog’s life by leaving your dog alone in the cargo hold of the plane.
What are our solutions?
  • ESAeurope Card
    This is the right choice if you do not have a dog but another animal with you. It is also a good solution if your main focus is not on “flying with the dog”.
  • PSDeurope Training
    This is your solution if you have a dog and you want to travel with your dog and also fly. Attention: For flights within Europe there are additional requirements to be met, which we cover with an additional training package (in preparation and in test mode)

Choose the right solution for you and follow the links below

Portal ESAeurope

Your animal becomes your Emotional Support Animal. It supports you by just being there and thus helps you to cope with the daily challenges. Your pet accompanies you when shopping, going to offices, traveling (except air travel).

ESA’s have no special training, but have a positive effect on your psyche and daily well-being through bonding and relationship, as well as their closeness. You feel better because of your animal and you can manage your everyday life well.

The positive effect of animals on the psyche of humans has been scientifically proven and we notice that this knowledge and understanding is also increasingly entering the work of doctors and the practice of psychotherapy.

Portal PSDeurope

You train your dog with our help as your Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) according to US DoT standards.

Our specialized training includes the theory course (e-learning), practical training instructions, the joint creation of your individual task list, and the monitoring and testing of the individual training steps.

Your dog learns to perform specific tasks for you so that any symptoms of your mental impairment are mitigated or even avoided altogether. Your dog can accompany you and you can fly with the dog in the cabin on all airlines that operate according to USDoT, respectively accept assistance dogs that are not certified according to ADI.



ESA’s and PSD’s are support animals for the mentally ill or mentally distressed. It is therefore necessary to present a medical or psychotherapeutic certificate confirming, on the one hand, the need of the animal and, on the other hand, the existence of a mental illness or limitation of the human.

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