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Do you suffer from a mental illness or limitation and do you have an animal by your side that supports you in everyday life? Then we offer you the opportunity to register your animal and yourself as a human / animal partner team.

The registration process is easy and free and you will receive an email confirmation of your animal registration.

By registering you have access to further services from ESA-Europe. The service products offered can make it easier in certain situations (e.g. panic attacks) without an already difficult situation. For example, you can show that you are dependent on your companion without having to explain yourself. Experience shows that this is often helpful.

If your animal is with you, you can

  • deal better with your fears
  • Break through negative circles of thought
  • have a better conversation with other people
  • Resist compulsions easier
  • Do better everyday, and much more

From this page we will also try to build a lost and found data base. With the acquisitionable membership card, it should also be easier to travel with the companion animal and take your animal to public institutions. We are working to expand this service as much as possible.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals, typically dogs, but sometimes cats or other animals that offer their owner with psychiatric dysfunction or contextual restrictions (fear of flying, claustrophobia, etc.) therapeutic benefits through affection and companion . ESAs should have the necessary health, essential fitness, obedience and a pronounced positive social and environmental behavior so that they can support their owner in everyday life with specific help.

Please note that if you e.g. register a dog as your ESA it does not become an assistance animal.

An ESA animal has not been trained to perform a specific task. It only fullfills the function of being your emotional support animal. ESAs are not considered service animals. Therefore, they must not be mixed up or compared with working dogs, such as guide dogs, assistance animals, service animals, therapy animals or attendance dogs that have been trained to perform special tasks. Of course, an ESA can with proper training become a service animal and then enjoy the advantages associated with admission (e.g. as an assistance animal).


Our recommendation is to get official confirmation from your psychologist or psychotherapist, which confirms that you and your animal form a necessary human / animal partner team.

Beate + Burkhard - Ihr ESAeurope Team


To issue the ESAeurope Card, our members need a confirmation that clearly states that humans and animals form a partner team. A corresponding template is available in the download area.
We are also in the process of building up a database of specialists (psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors) who can help you to confirm the special relationship with your animal and the importance for your well-being.

In the menu item “My questions” you can find out more about the meaning of the ESA – Europe human / animal partnership confirmation.

We would like to thank Andreas Winkel for the commitment so far, who built this page with a lot of passion, but is no longer able to support ESAeurope due to health restrictions.