Burnout / Depression

This i need to know:

What all types of depression have in common is that the mental system of the person concerned interprets any situation/event as bad, devalued or negative. If such depressive feelings persist, the mood will also be bad.

The psychic system of a human can get stuck in a negative emotional state. Such a condition is called depression. Depending on the duration and severity, there are different medical names for this.

In a depressive state, a person does not make a realistic assessment of a given situation/irritation and does not respond appropriately. Such a person is isolated from its good, positive, motivating emotional components.

This condition prevents important resources.

Who suddenly disconnects from confidence, courage, security, humour or other creative solution strategies, will draw false conclusions and see his existence as meaningless.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time to treat depressive symptoms with medication and/or therapy that a more or less “normal” everyday life can be become possible again. With your ESA you can laugh again and you can enjoy yourself again. With your Emotional Support Animals you learn to anchor yourself better in life and much more.

How can my animal support me?

If you are lucky enough to feel safe and protected by your animal you will benefit big time. If you don’t feel alone or lonely because the animal is there and both are there for each other, the way back to vitality and a real variety of feelings is much easier.

The animal regards you unconditional – it doesn’t value and is happy when you provide attention, when you feed it and you care for it. Men and animal are closely connected by a long common history. Especially in difficult times, people benefit from this connection.

What needs my emotional support animal?

In particular, time, attention, species-appropriate attitude. Don’t forget to relax yourself and your pet regularly – because fear is always massive stress – for both – and chronic stress is unhealthy.