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PSD Travel – Thailand – Cyprus – May 2021

Dear ESAeurope friends

Today we can once again note with great pleasure that one of our ESAeurope customers has successfully flown with your dog. This time from Thailand to Cyprus.

Our customer M. decided a few weeks ago to start a PSD training with her dog Maui to take him from Thailand to Cyprus. After many years in Thailand, M. has decided to find her new happiness in Cyprus.

After all airlines refused the transport to Cyprus as a normal pet or as ESA (Singapore Airlines would have accepted Maui as ESA, but does not fly to Cyprus), M. contacted us to book and complete an apprenticeship as a PSD (psychiatric service dog). ESAeurope has put together a package with M. to train Maui accordingly and then certify it as a PSD. This worked out wonderfully and M. was able to take Maui with Qatar Air to Cyprus.

Her statement is:

Good morning:))
Everything worked out great, nowhere a problem. Only we were exhausted and stressed
We flew with Qatar Air, Maui is always so quiet because they couldn’t say anything
As ESA it is also with Singapore Air, but for us there was no connection, therefore as PSD with Qatar
We are very proud of the two, who were not only able to successfully complete the training in a short time, but were also able to deliver the required short videos in suitable quality.
We have received permission from M. to put this report on our homepage.
Many greetings and good luck in Cyprus
The ESAeurope team
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PSD instructional videos – video examples

PSD training video – Command “Sit”

This video shows how to send the “Sit” command to ESAeurope to get the exam approval.

Please note that in the video 2x we need the command “Sit”.

  1. The normal command “sit”
  2. The “sit” command after dropping the dog on a table (so it may also be required at the airport for security screening. This exercise is practical even if you are with your dog at the vet and need to put it on the treatment table.

PSD training pattern video “touch”

This video is intended to show that your dog can be touched by you without resistance. It would also be good to make sure that you can reach into your dog’s mouth and let the dog like to show its teeth without a negative reaction.

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

Growl, teeth fist, clear defensive movement when attacking, great restlessness

PSD training pattern video “going on a loose leash”

This video is intended to show that your dog walks on a leash without resistance and does not pull on a leash

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

hold the leash tense, jump on, pull away, suddenly run off

PSD training pattern video “let attack and show teeth”

This video is intended to show that your dog can be touched easily and is also ready to show the teeth without a negative reaction.

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

scare, growl, bite, take a threatening stance

PSD training pattern images “quiet behavior in confined space”

Your video should show that your dog is easily settling in a confined space and staying there without further request.

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

aggressive behavior, constant restlessness, getting up without command.

PSD training pattern video “good calm behaviour behind the shopping cart or at the luggage”

Your video should show that your dog is calm and with no visible fear with you behind your luggage, a trolley or a shopping cart.

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

permanent pulling, constant barking, tense leash

PSD Training Pattern Video “Keeping Space for Humans”

Your video should show that you put your dog in a place that protects you from being too close to other people.

Unacceptable behaviour would be:

jump from the assigned space and leave the place.

PSD Training Pattern Video “Personal Help (Task)”

Your video should show that your dog is compassionate with you and will provide you with individual help. This is the essence of the PSD.

Other examples include a visible reaction to “crying” or “refusal” to show or bark when a person refuses to respond to an ambient noise.

Take a look at the relevant examples and let us know your special situation.

PSD Training Pattern Video “Muzzle Basket”

Your video should show that your dog is ready to wear a muzzle and not resist this medium.

PSD training pattern video “Meeting with other dog”

Two dogs meet and your dog reacts calmly and unexcitedly.

Are not acceptable:

Attacking the other dog; aggressive behaviour