Fear / Panic

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This i need to know:

All kinds of anxiety disorders what is common is that the mental system of the person concerned will regard any (usually not fear-inducing) situation as very threatening to life-threatening. The stress can be enormous.

The psychic system can therefore react to the feeling of massive fear. The person is then hardly or not able to provide a realistic assessment of the situation/irritation and to respond appropriately. At the moment of fear, a individually stored survival pattern takes over and decides how the person responds.

This survival pattern prevents existing resources and, so to speak, blocks the path of a “proper” response. Those who suddenly experience themselves separated from confidence, courage, security, courage, humour or other creative strategies, is now helpless to the survival principle “flight – fight – fiight”.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time to control fears with medication and/or therapy to an extent that a more or less “normal” everyday life becomes possible again.

how can my animal support me?

If you are lucky enough to feel safe and protected with an animal, you can use and reinforce this fact to deal with fear and/or panic-inducing situations better to get strong again .

The animal regards you unconditional – it doesn’t value and is happy when you provide attention, take care and give him all your love. Men and animal are closely connected by a long common history. Especially in difficult times, people benefit from this connection. Distraction, moments of relaxation, feeling of real affection and much more. The animal has a lot of good things in store!