Can I take an ESA animal registered with ESAeurope anywhere?

The ESAeurope Card does not contain any guarantees or liabilities.

By presenting the card, you explain the special position of the animal for your person and prove that you urgently need this animal in normal daily use. Also that this is confirmed by your doctor, psycho-therapist or a similar institution. You also explain that the animal is a great help for you personally to cope with everyday life and special situations.

If my pet is then accepted on the basis of the presentation of the ESAeurope Card, the respective rules and regulations apply on site. These must be strictly adhered to. Please also make sure to have everything the animal needs in order to provide it with appropriate care in the respective situation.

The decision to accept an animal will depend very much on how affable and well-educated this animal is. This means that you increase your chances of admission in the respective situation if your animal has a positive effect.

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