I am interested in purchasing a MembershipCard from ESAeurope. What is necessary for this?

I register myself and my pet with ESAeurope. This is done on the ESAeurope (https://www.esa-europe.eu) website.

By registering, I get access to the shop and other services available only to registered members.

Furthermore I have a medical diagnosis according to ICD10 or DSM V and thus basically fulfill the prerequisite for keeping an Emotional Support Animal.

Subsequently, I own or will have an animal that supports me emotionally and that I always need around me.

I download the form: ESA Confirmation Letterfrom the download center of ESAeurope for submission.

I present the completed form for signature to my doctor, specialist, psychologist or psychotherapist. This signed form creates the basis of the ESAeurope Card content with the information requested in the registration.

ESAeurope will issue the relevant card when the above-mentioned confirmation is available, when all registration information (including photos) has been received and when the purchase of the ESAeurope Card, including payment, has been confirmed.

The printed and completed ESAeurope Card will be sent by mail to the requested shipping address. (Depending on the country within 2-4 weeks) This card is valid for 2 years and will be look somehow different from the old ESA-register card issued so far (which had no expiration date).

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