I need proof that the presence of an animal of my choice promotes my recovery and health, but I do not yet have an animal.

Such a case can occur when I need a permit for an animal where it is actually prohibited.

For example, for property administrations, universities, doctor visits, recreation stays, leisure activities, travel, shopping and at work.

So what can I do:

I have a medical diagnosis according to ICD10 or DSM V
I register with ESAeurope. With the registration I get access to the download center from which I can load helpful documents and confirmation templates.

The corresponding documents were developed to confirm the necessary relationship between the present psychological restriction and the necessity of an ESA animal.

The confirmation is made by a doctor, specialist, psychologist or psychotherapist, in some cases also by a social support institute. This confirmation shows and proves the connection between psychological restriction and the usefulness of the ESA animal and is the most important prerequisite for the issuance of the ESAeurope Card.

At the same time, the aforementioned confirmation is also a prerequisite for any discussion with the above-mentioned bodies in order to clarify in advance whether the ESA animal is accepted.

Once everything has been clarified, you can order the ESAeurope Card.

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