Is it possible to get the doctor’s certificate online?

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This possibility exists if it is not possible otherwise. Normally, every psychotherapist or doctor will issue a corresponding doctor’s certificate, as the value of an animal to a human being is uncontested.

If it is still not possible to get a corresponding doctor’s confirmation (for example because there is no contact with a psychotherapist), then we can offer the possibility to act alternatively online.

The process then works in two steps:

  • Completing an ESA questionnaire (check letter) to create the ESA Card
  • Agreement of an online conversation with Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp (psychotherapist) which can be handled either by zoom or WahtsApp.

The cost of checkletter and online call is 50€. Billing is done via Paypal, where a direct payment request is created and sent.

The individual steps are:

  • Email to book an online lesson with the message
  • Sending the questionnaire to be completed, scanned and returned
  • Sending the Paypal payment request and agreeing the appointment
  • Conducting online conversation
  • Issuance of the doctor’s certificate and sending by e-mail
  • Purchase of ESAcard in the ESAeurope shop
  • Sending of the essential data (human and animal) for the issuance of esAcard
  • Printing and sending ESACard

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