What do I need to know when I travel to another country with my emotional support animal (ESA)?

Each country has different rules on where and how animals are allowed.

I can have the relevant regulations sent to me by email via animal organisations, travel agencies, veterinarians, veterinary offices, or embassies of the destination country.

In any case, I get an up-to-date health certificate of my animal and all the necessary documents that I need on site. I have the pet passport, all vaccination certificates and the ESAeurope Card with me.

All documents to be taken away are written either in the country of destination or in English. I am careful to comply with all the rules and regulations in the country of destination. It is important to have as much information as possible before starting your trip.

I have taken precautions and everything with me in order to be able to take care of my animal in a species-appropriate manner. I have booked a travel liability insurance for myself and my pet. I am prepared that, despite all the preparatory measures, unforeseeable hurdles may come to me.

I know that it is not self-evident to travel with an ESA animal and cannot expect to meet understanding and willingness everywhere. We hope, however, that acceptance of the ESAeurope Card will develop positively.

On our own behalf:
It would be very nice if you would report positive and negative experiences to us after your trip. We will make corresponding reports available anonymously to all members.

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