What is the advantage of an ESAeurope Card?

The ESAeurope Card replaces documents and confirmations that prove the status of your mental disability. It also documents that you and your ESA animal form a necessary and meaningful unit.

If my doctor, psychotherapist, psychologist or social-therapeutic body confirms that my pet guarantees me special health benefits, this animal becomes an ESA animal.

If I now want to stay in a place that actually excludes animals, I would have to present my documents in individual cases and explain in detail why and why I need my animal near me. In different people, different places and with normally different diagnoses, this individual proof overwhelms the control bodies. Rejection of the animal due to ignorance or uncertainty is often the result.

It is to be expected that the discussion to be led (in the worst case an argument) will have a very negative impact on my state of mind and health. Concrete consequences could be fear, great excitement, even panic attacks.

This uncertainty is intended to limit or prevent the ESAeurope Card altogether. With the map you prove the positive relationship between diagnosis and needs of the ESA animal and create an understandable scenario, so that it will be easier for third parties to accept the animal.

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