What means my ESAeurope registration?

With the registration I become part of the ESAeurope community and get lifelong free access to many of the services of ESAeurope. We expect that in the course of this project we will continuously offer new possibilities and products that will make your life easier with your ESA animal.

Specifically, we want to offer you specifically helpful products in our shop (the focus is certainly on the periodically renewed ESAeurope Card). In addition, we want to put the whole issue of emotional support animals on a broader and more acceptable basis and to encourage more and more institutions to accept the ESAeurope Card.

Another focus will be the creation of a discussion forum on ESA animals and the provision of important news and information on this topic.

Plans are also being made for networking of community members (who wants to participate), the provision of webinars (web based discussions and training on the topics of mental health problems, animal training with a focus on engagement and relationship, and much more. Our corresponding concern would be to support you in your life with your animal and with your mental impairment.

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