Why is the ESAeurope Card only valid for 2 years and not for life?

In contrast to the lifetime cards previously issued by ESA Register, the new ESAeurope Card will only be valid for two years and will then have to be renewed. Why is that?

It is our effort and our goal to increase the global acceptance of ESA animals registered with ESAeurope, or to make the ESAeurope Card acceptable. This requires some control of the circumstances in which this card is issued.

ESAeurope is not concerned with the animal itself, but with the periodically controlled relationship between confirmed psychological impairment and the positive action of the assigned ESA animal. This connection is for an accepting body (business, airline, office; landlords) the basic prerequisite for the acceptance of the human-animal partnership in the respective case.

The ESAeurope Card will only be accepted if appropriate agencies can rely on the fact that the documented cooperation between humans and animals is up-to-date and has been certified in a real timely manner.

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