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How to convince a landlord of my ESA (Emotional Support Animal).

How to convince a landlord to have an ESA in the apartment:

  • Talk to your landlord, collect your documents

  • Sometimes a landlord will allow a pet/ESA as long as you ask. In many cases, however, landlords include a “No Pets” clause in the lease to better control how many people have pets in their apartments.

  • Ideally, you will have gotten along well with your landlord during your rental period and paid your rent on time. You can use your current relationship with your landlord and your status as an excellent tenant to show that you will also be a responsible pet owner.

  • It is helpful if you can provide some documentation that shows you are willing to take responsibility and that illustrates the seriousness of your situation.

  • Possible documents are:

    • Status of your animal as an Emotional Support Animal. make it clear that you need your ESA to live well. Show your ESAeurope ID card and confirmation from your doctor or psychotherapist that you need your ESA for your mental health

    • Information about the state of health of your future pet

    • Information about the veterinarian you plan to use and any classes you plan to take with your pet.

    • By providing additional documentation to your new landlord, you can allay fears that your pet will trash or destroy the apartment and disturb other tenants. To do this, also provide additional persuasive documentation for ESAs, such as: Excerpt from the European Union Disability Act or the definition of an emotional support animal and more detailed information about the benefits to people.

    • If you are changing apartments try to get a letter from your current landlord commenting on how well behaved and non-disruptive your pet is.

    • Veterinary records, including records of vaccinations and check-ups.

    • Depending on the type of animal – records of training or obedience classes your pet has attended, records of neutering, …

Most landlords know that good tenants who pay their rent on time, have no significant conflicts with other tenants, and otherwise contribute positively to the rental community are hard to find, and will bend the rules a bit to keep you.
Ask the landlord to meet your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or show them a photo of your pet.

Show your commitment. Proactively offer a pet deposit in case of damage. Provide proof that you have pet liability insurance that is included in your household insurance policy

Ask about other steps necessary to get permission to keep your pet.

Sample Letter: Requesting Permission to Have an ESA Pet in my appartment

(Your Name)
(Current Address of Your Apartment, Unit #)
(City, State, Zip Code)

{ “date”.)

(Landlord or Apartment Company’s Name)
(Address as Printed on Your Lease)
(City, State, Zip Code)

Re: Permission to have a pet in my apartment

Dear (Name of landlord or manager),

I am writing to you today to contact you about an important issue. For medical reasons, I have an animal (insert animal). He/she is an ESA /Emotional Support Animal) It is prescribed by a (insert professional). It has official status as an ESA.

ESAs are globally recognized medical tools for people with mental health diagnoses who respond to animals.

I would like to make an appointment to provide the appropriate verification and discuss the conditions you have to qualify me as the owner of an ESA. If necessary, I would be happy to provide appropriate additional documentation, such as from the European Union Disability Act or the definition of an Emotional Support Animal and more detailed information on the benefits to humans. A letter from your current landlord speaking to how well-behaved and non-disruptive your pet is. Vet records, including records from vaccinations and checkups. Depending on the species – records from any training or obedience classes your pet has taken, spay or neuter records

I am happy to discuss any conditions or requirements you may have for my ESA to be accepted, as well as sign an appropriate agreement highlighting any limitations you may have regarding the ESA.

As I need my pet close to me to cope well with everyday life it is very important to me that the pet is kept in a species appropriate manner, clean and healthy. The animal is properly cared for, and no neighbors disturb. The animal (insert animal) is insured, I am liable for it.

I appreciate your willingness to discuss this issue with me. Please call (at/email) at (insert phone or email, depending on your preference for communication) so we can schedule a time to talk.


(Your Name and Signature)
(Apartment Number)
(Phone or Email Address)

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