Important – what can ESAeurope do for you

ESAeurope creates and distributes Membercards for Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s). ESAeurope wants to offer a tool that you can use to prove that you and your accompanying animal form a team and that this animal is of particular value to you and your health.

The membership card issued is intended to show the special connection between you and your pet and is proof that you have all the necessary documents for submission.

However, we must point out that the Membershipcard is not proof of health. In addition, the card cannot guarantee or confirm the correct contact between you and the animal. Animals are living beings with individual decision-making space. ESAeurope must therefore reject any liability or responsibility for the animal or the keeper.

However, the CARD will and should help you to document the special importance of the animal for you as a person. In addition, the card will and must provide proof of the special health relationship and provide third parties with proof that you have actually deposited sufficient documents with ESAeurope to justify your ESA and ESAeurope Card.

We can therefore only exhibit future cards individually if you have provided us with the proof of your ESA’s fair production. Accepted are:

  • a letter from your psychologist, psychotherapist or doctor confirming in clear terms that your animal is a positive and necessary help for you
  • the form provided by ESAeurope, completed and countersigned by your doctor, psychotherapist or psychologist. You can download this form from our site if you have decided to purchase an ESAeurope card

As the name “Emotional Support Animal” says, any confirmation is about proving that you are mentally impaired and that your pet will help you mitigate or prevent negative consequences from happening in the first place. The nature of the mental impairment is not part of the assessment for the mapping and output and therefore does not need to be given decisively.

Your personal data, which ESAeurope needs to create the ESAeurope Card, will not be passed on to third parties. However, due to the card number, it is possible for third parties to check the active status of the card. For this purpose, we will install a corresponding query on the homepage.

Your name and the name of your ESA as well as the corresponding photos as well as the type and breed of the animal will be returned. No further information about you or your circumstances will be returned.