My way to be a PSD dog handler

In order for my dog to become a PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) according to US DoT standards and for him to be able to fly in the cabin, some basic requirements have to be met:

  1. A psychological/psychotherapeutic or specialist confirmation must be available that a concrete dog takes over tasks for psychological or mental stabilization or mitigation for its owner to cope with everyday life.
  2. The concrete dog must be trained in obedience and have such a confirmation. The dog owner ensures the correct care and guidance of his dog.
  3. A task list defines the tasks of the dog, see point 1.
    Task list (follow this link)
  4. All the information I give to ESAeurope is truthful and correct.

The PSDeurope Card is proof that you have all the necessary documents and knowledge for booking and travel to be able to take your dog in the cabin. The joint preparation with ESAeurope is above all a support for you in all necessary steps of the preparation to be coached and guided.

The path to PSD according to US DoT standards with ESAeurope:

    • Step 1
      • You decide to train your dog to psd.
      • You book the corresponding PSD package in the ESAeurope Shop depending on which documents you already have. Visit the shop page.
      • Submit separate photos of you and your dog to
      • The necessary data is transmitted via a registration form. this is strictly data protected.
    • Step 2
      • After booking the selected PSD package, you will receive a training number and your personal password.
      • According to the booked package you can start. If questions arise, a personal interview can be requested.
      • After completing the training, you will shoot guided short videos on with your training number, your name and the name of your dog.
      • Her videos will be discussed together with an internationally certified trainer from the association TAT-WAZ (Animals for Therapy,Austria) at an online appointment.
      • You create your personal task list/task list, which documents the value of your dog for you and lists its tasks (we provide a sample list as well as video examples as part of the training)
      • Depending on which package you book, the scope of training on the topics of dog health, all about travel, travel preparation, and booking procedures varies.
    • Step 3
      • Upon successful completion, you will receive all the necessary documents and the PSDeurope Card.
      • Many airlines require a clearly visible identification of the dog as PSD. To do this, you need a chest harness in the color blue. A map vest can be ordered inexpensively from us in the shop.

In addition, we provide feedback on the learning progress, support you with suggestions and ideas and coach you with questions. You remain a member of our community and can contact us at any time for specific topics.

Visit the shop and choose the right package for you and go with us to steps 1, 2 and 3.
Only together are we strong!!!