ESAeurope Lost+Found Tag – NFC


“Lost & Found” tag on NFC basis

Programmed with all information about the respective ESA animal and the owner, including “name”, “type and breed”, “chip number” and other information that the owner would like on the NFC chip. The owner is stored with “Name”, “Address”, “Phone”, “Email”.

In addition, scanning the chip triggers an automatic connection to the individual “Lost & Found” page of the respective ESA human/animal team. The creation of the respective page is included in the price of the day. The site also explains how to read the rest of the contents of the NFC chip, as we can’t assume that everyone knows About NFC chips.

Each chip has a unique number.

Please click on the following link to connect to the created test page. This would also look like the page that is called when your animal’s day is scanned.

Test page NFC Tag

Additional information

NFC Chip

Storage of all information about the animal and the owner of the tag
Chip content is locked and can no longer be reprogrammed
Direct link to a unique website that contains all the information on the further reaction


Each buyer decides whether an emergency number is also stored on the NFC chip, which must be called whenever something happens to both the animal and the owner

NFC Software

The contents of the chip can be read out via any standard program "NFC Reader". We recommend the software "NFC" which can be downloaded free of charge from the respective store.