Membership Card ESA-Europe


The current ESA card at ESAeurope.

Changes affecting the card itself (e.g. name changes) must be reported and it is to be decided on a case-by-case basis whether a new card must be issued and under what conditions. Please note that the ESAeurope Card contains new colours and information compared to the previous copy.

Attention: Before purchasing, please obtain the doctor’s confirmation. Without this, the ESAeurope card cannot be issued. If necessary, however, we can arrange an online therapy interview that entitles you to purchase the ESAeurope Card if successful completion.



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Please click on the product before purchasing and fill in and submit the questionnaire that appears.


If you decide to purchase this membership card, we will need some information from your ESA as well as from you. You will receive a separate email from us with a corresponding questionnaire, which you must return to us filled in.

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