PSDeurope Card – Full Package 2 (with dog school certificate + with online therapy session)


PSDeurope Card – Your ticket to fly with your loved dog Prerequisite is the training and certification of the dog and the acceptance of the USDoT standard by the airline you select for the flight.


You book this package if you want to train your dog as a PSD (psychiatric service dog) and you have neither a certificate from a dog school nor a therapy confirmation that documents the special assistance of your dog for your mental health.

The PSDeurope Card confirms that you and your dog meet all the requirements to book with airlines that align their pet policy with the UD DoT standards. Your dog can fly with you in the cabin. In order to issue the PSDeurope Card, certain points must be fulfilled:

  • Obedience training of the dog – You will carry out this training on your own according to ESAeurope specifications (the specifications will be provided) and then discuss and check it with a certified dog trainer as part of a 30-minute online coaching session. Additional short videos must be submitted, which must be taken from our dog trainer. The result of the video analysis and the coaching interview is the issuance of a PSD training certificate.
  • PSD task list (in this task list shines on what special things your dog does for you)
  • Doctor- or Therapy Confirmation (confirmation that your dog is an important support for you mentally and helps you to cope well with life

The product “Full Package 2” meets the points 1. Training of the dog according to the US DoT specifications and 2. the PSD proof – task list in full.
In addition, we provide you in this package with all the latest information about flying with a dog, tips and checklist for booking, travel preparation and entry into the destination country. Since your dog does not have an existing training certificate from a recognized dog school, you also want to acquire this certificate. Finally, you do not yet have a therapy certificate that clearly proves the bond with your dog. This certificate is also included in this package.

You will also receive:

  • The PSDeurope Card
  • Checklist for travel preparation
  • A brochure for your rights and obligations to fly and travel with a dog as a precaution.
  • The PSDeurope Emergency Card/Rescue Card
  • Eligibility for ESAeurope PSD Online Course (PSD Full Package) – as soon as available
  • the PSD training certificate issued by an official dog trainer (therapy and service dog trainer) and confirmed by ESAeurope
  • an online therapy session (30 minutes) to confirm your attachment to your service dog with Dr.Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Contents Full Package:

  • Dog training and training instructions according to the specifications and rules of the US DoT Standard. All content is explained and presented in a light and very understandable way in short videos. Virtual access to all learning and training videos for obedience, dog keeping, dog health. In short video sequences, you show that your dog and you can fullfil the training content. These are checked by a certified dog trainer and discussed with you in a 30 min online coaching. The training confirmation for the Obediance basic course will be issued after you successfully completed the requested online interview.
  • Help for creating your personal tasklist. Short videos explain and show understandable how your dog can support you in regard of your special symptoms. You will be instructed to train your dog so that you are both even better matched to each other. Then create the tasklist. We are happy to support you in this. This PSD task list is checked and signed by our psychotherapist. As an additional service, we provide you with comprehensive information and checklists on preparation, choosing the right airline, booking and travelling. You know your rights and obligations and are well prepared for any eventualities.
  • The PSDeurope Emergency Card/Resue Card protects and helps in the event.
  • Participation in the PSD Online Course PSD Full Package (as soon as completed)
  • PSD training certificate (confirmed by ESAeurope and signed by a trained and certified dog trainer for service and therapy dogs)
  • Therapy Certificate Online Therapy Session, issued and confirmed by Dr.Beate Pottmann-Knapp (psychotherapist)

The PSDeurope Card is issued after the successful training and will be sent to you together with the training certificate and the other documents mentioned.

The PSDeurope Full Package prepares you comprehensively for your trip with a dog!
It is also used to refresh and practice the signals – especially if the visit to a dog school is already some time ago. The airlines are very strict in dog acceptance in case of misconduct (in case of non-compliance with the rules and behavioral requirements of the US DoT standards). Take 2-3 months for this training if your dog and you have little previous knowledge or have never attended a dog school! Step by step you will receive by e-mail the next step with link access. So you can comfortably train according to your personal time resources at the self-chosen location with your dog. That’s fun and enjoyable!

PSD Online Training Course

We want to accompany you intensively in the training of your dog and have developed an online training course (online training) dr leads you step by step through the training. After booking the PSD Full Package, you will receive a link to this online course.

PSD Assistance Dog ADD On (to qualify you and your dog to fly with European airlines in Europe).
Currently we offer this add on for free, as it is in test mode. The main difference to the previous PSDeurope training is that your dog will perform more specific and detailed tasks for you, which will qualify the dog as a PSD Assistance Dog (not only as a PSD according to USDoT standards). This is requires successful confirmation of the tasks by our assistance dog trainer, so that your dog is acting as a trained assistance dog. You can also submit this certificate to various airlines for flights within Europe and when using Euro-train to the UK.

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