PSD – general flight guidelines


Final regulation Definition of service animals

A service animal is a dog, regardless of race or type, individually trained to perform work or tasks for the benefit of a qualified person with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other intellectual disability.

Emotional support animals

Carriers are not obliged to recognise animals as service animals for emotional support and can treat them like pets.

Treatment of psychiatric service animals

Psychiatric service animals are treated in the same way as other service animals who are individually trained to perform a work or task in favour of a qualified person with a disability.

Species / Breed

Carriers are allowed to restrict service animals to dogs.

Health, Behaviour and Training Form

Airlines may require passengers to submit a completed paper version or electronic version of the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form as a condition for transportation.

Certificate of relief

Airlines may require persons travelling with a service animal on flights lasting eight hours or more to have a completed paper version or an electronic version of theU.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestationas a condition of transportation.

Number of service animals per passenger

Airlines are threatening to limit the number of service animals per single passenger to two service animals.

Large service animals

Airlines may require a service animal to fit on the dog handler’s lap or in the footwell of the dog handler on the plane.

Control of service animals

Animals airlines may require that a service animal be connected to them in areas of the airport owned, leased or controlled, as well as on an aircraft with a harness, a leash or other means.

Breed or type of service animal

Airlines are prohibited from refusing to transport a service animal solely on the basis of race or general physical type, as opposed to an individual assessment of the animal’s behaviour and health.

Check-in requirements

Airlines are not allowed to require a passenger with a disability to physically check in at the airport instead of using the online check-in process on the grounds that the person is travelling with a service animal.

Airlines may require a passenger with a disability who wishes to travel with a service animal to present the form(s) for the service animal at the passenger’s departure gate on the day of the journey.

Obligation to make advance notice

Airlines may require passengers traveling with a service animal to submit a U.S. Department of Transportation Air Transport Form and, if applicable, a U.S. Department of Transportation Exemption Certificate up to 48 hours prior to the travel date, if the passenger is booked before that date.