PSD Aufgaben, Tasklist


In order to get the PSDeurope Card it is necessary to create an individual task list, covering all things your PSF is doing for you to help you with handling your daily life. Below we show you a general survey and individual task list examples. If you organize your flight you must download and fill out a form from the airline or from the US Department of Transport in which you confirm special skills and your individual task list.

General Topics PSD Task-List:

  • Wake up his/her person
  • Provide tactile stimulation
  • Facilitate social interactions and reduce fear associated with being around people
  • Serve as a buffer to help the person cope with being in a crowd
  • Help the person calm down when agitated
  • Wake up a person having nightmares
  • Grounding a person dealing with fears and anxiety and helping him/her get back to the here & now
  • Help create a safe personal space
  • Get medication and water when the person cannot
  • Get help generally if necessary
  • Provide balance assistance
  • Remind a person to take medication and nag until it’s done
  • Disrupt emotional overload
  • and more

Example for an individual personal task-list:

  • I blink my eyes – that means for my dog: come very close to me and keep body contact.
  • He recognizes when I am under stress and reminds me to relax. To do this, he comes up to me and nudges me with his nose. If I do not react, he lies down on his back in front of me.
  • He recognizes when I am stuck in thought circles and puts a toy in front of my feet and asks me to play.
  • When I am sad/feel insecure/feel lonely, he/she doesn’t leave my side.
  • If I get too hectic (pre-phase mania) then the dog brings me the leash and asks me to go for a walk. If I walk too fast for a long period of time the dog stops and gives me a prompting bark if I don’t respond.
  • If I get up in the night and have an eating attack the dog sits next to me and looks me in the eye. If I don’t respond he starts whining a short time later.
  • When I do confused things, like leaving the front door open or not locking it, I get a prompting bark.
  • When my aggression increases from anger to rage – the dog lies down flat on the floor in front of my feet and whines.
  • When the cell phone rings and I don’t answer it, I get a prompt bark.

Of course, PSD task-lists are individual and special. They will be different for each dog-human partner team.  So you are free to present any skill and task your dog is doing for you.