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PSD Training – Video instructions

ESAeurope Demo Video List for PSD Training Package Requirements – Demo videos

  • These videos will be sent to ESAeurope before the final coaching. Each exercise shows that you have practiced well and also prepared situations for the journey. It works best when you are calm and relaxed. Please give the signals/commands in a friendly tone. Each video is supposed to last about 20 – 30 seconds.
  • If it does not succeed, then practice something else and do the video again. The videos you send in should not be shortened, but shot in one piece
  • Ask a trusted person to take the video scenes. You can then concentrate better on the exercise and the dog.
  • Demo videos from our community can be found on the front page in the quick search bar. It shows members of our community. You see that it is not difficult.
  • For videos with other people: Video should show the dog and not the head area of strangers. Keep the camera focused on the dog(s) and only up to maximum shoulder height of humans. This is a precautionary measure on data protection. If you have strangers to help you – show them your video so that they feel safe.
  • Always choose the right location to match the signal and the circumstances you need. You are welcome to shoot at your practice location. Depending on the possibility, choose places to practice that come close to the situation at the airport and on the plane.

Send the demo videos best with WhatsApp or Telegram to: +436641454922 When sending email to Please reduce the file sizes as much as possible ESAeurope wishes you two a good time. stay calm and don’t expect everything to work out right on the first try!

  1. PSD training video – command “sit” and “walk on a loose leash” Filming location arbitrary. This video shows how your dog commands the “seat” and the “walk on a loose leash”. That’s difficult Goes straight with your dog on a leash, then it should sit down and remain seated until your command to pass on. Then you go back a bit on the loose leash and give the signal “seat” again. The dog remains. The video should show the signal “seat” 3 x, in between he goes loosely on the leash with you.
  1. PSD training pattern video “attack” Location: Home. This video is intended to show that the dog can be touched without resistance. Body touching must be accepted. For small and medium-sized dogs, the video should show that you can lift up your dog and put it on a table. Bigger dogs stay on the ground and you kneel in front of it. Now touch the dog briefly all over his body, look behind his ears, lift his paws and feel it Open the mouth of your dog a bit, so that you can see his teeth. You are welcome to talk to your dog calmly and friendly during the exercise. Unacceptable behavior would be: growling, teeth gnashing, clear defensive movements when touching, great restlessness, strong trampling or trembling when you lift it up
  1. PSD training pattern video “go to the loose Leash” and dog contact Filming location: Outdoor with other dogs on the road or in a shopping center. This video is intended to show that the dog walks loose on a leash without resistance, even if other dogs are nearby or walk past you. Start: If possible, the dog should run parallel to the side of you. Other dogs that are nearby or walking past you do not disturb your dog. He passes them on the loose leash. Unacceptable behavior: the leash is permanently stretched, you exert pressure on the leash, jump on, pull away, suddenly run off
  1. PSD training pattern video “Muzzle” Filming location arbitrary. The video should show that your dog can put on a well-fitting muzzle, wears it and does not try to strip it off. You can also combine the exercise with another exercise, for example with video number 4, 5 or 6. Unacceptable behavior: any attempt to strip off the muzzle, clearly visible feeling uncomfortable or shake, whimper, growl or bark
  1. PSD training pattern video “Good quiet behavior behind the shopping cart or luggage” filming location arbitrary. You show that the dog feels calm and safe with you and run along you despite a near by suitcase / trolley / shopping cart. Unacceptable behavior: permanent pulling on a leash, constant barking, stretched leash
  1. Task: PSD training pattern Video “Dog is a placeholder for you”Filming location: among other waiting people (at a cash desk, in front of a shop, waiting for admission, at the vet, in a bank). The video is intended to show that you can put your dog in front of and at a distance in one place – in front of, behind or next to you – and thus keep other people at a distance. The dog remains in position until you move on. For this exercise, the dog must master the command“Stay”. Unacceptable behavior: during the video jump up from the assigned place and leave the place, do not continue together with you.
  1. PSD training pattern video “Personal help (task)” filming location arbitrary. The video is intended to show a situation in which you individually support your dog in a psychologically difficult situation for you. This is the essence of the PSD (psychiatric service dog). Consider the corresponding demo examples on our website. First explain your behavior in the video and describe the task of the dog. Then show the task fulfillment 2-3 x.
  1. PSD training pattern images “Calm behavior in the constricted Room” for at least 30 seconds Filming location: Home, narrow space – practice flight situation (under a chair, in a large box, in the dog box or cage). Show in the video that your dog settles easily in a narrow space and remains quiet there without prompting. In the demo videos on the frontage/quick search bar you will find examples of this. You can choose a large box, design a narrow space with chairs, choose a small lift and ride up and down in it and/or reduce the available space for the dog using a travel bag or suitcase. You can also choose the footwell of your car. Unacceptable behavior: aggressive behavior or problem with tight space, constant restlessness, getting up without command.
  1. PSD training pattern video “Encounter with other dogs and people” filming location arbitrary. The video shows a welcome scene. You approach another dog and its owner. Humans and dogs greet each other. People exchange a few words and move on. Your dog welcomes the other dog or ignores it. Both is acceptable. Then you go on with your dog. This scene is meant to show that your dog is so socialized that other people and other dogs make him stressful when they approach themselves. Your dog remains calm and shows no signs of stress. Unacceptable behavior: Aggressive or behavior of any art.