This is what I need to know:

What all kinds of disorders from the schizophreic circle of forms with or without paranoia have in common is that the psychological system of the person in question feels cut off from the world around him. They have lost contact with themselves and others. Feels strange, also struggles with fears, compulsions, depression, fluctuates between ups and downs, loses structures of everyday life and much more.

The psychic system is lost in chaos, orders. At times, the person concerned is hardly or no longer in a position to make a realistic assessment of the situation and to react appropriately. This mental illness is probably one of the most severe and very complex and protracted.

The bond with an animal is often the only reliable one that persists despite general alienation.

Animals often help affected people to stay alive despite all the suffering. They are the hold when everything else breaks.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time for medication and/or therapy to bring life relevance and some stability – sometimes many symptoms persist for years. The animal supports the reference to the present moment and leads the person in question to himself and to his own experience. These are very special moments that give hope. By engaging with the animal, habits can be trained that pave the way for the restoration of structure and tasks.

How can my animal support me?

Those who are lucky enough to have a good and stable relationship with their animal will have more confidence and motivation in general. This is important and valuable for the way of life despite many symptoms. The animal leads back to the present moment and helps affected persons to deal with the surrounding world. They are faithful companions in difficult times. They anchor and stabilize, they help to find meaning in existence in spite of everything.

What does my emotional supporter need?

In particular, time, attention, species-appropriate husbandry. Don’t forget to relax yourself and your pet regularly – because anxiety is always massive stress – for both – and chronic stress is unhealthy.