This is what I need to know:

What all psycho-somatically induced disorders and pain states have in common is that the manifold complaints and symptoms lead to a strong self-reference, which on the one hand impoverishes the confrontation with the environment and on the other hand strengthens negative cycles. Despite the diverse physical symptoms, often no satisfactory medical explanation is found, which makes those affected even more desperate and lonely, because misunderstood, and pushes them into isolation.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time for the complex topic to be recognized. Medication and/or therapy are important elements, but getting back to life despite complaints and pain is usually avoided.

How can my animal support me?

Those who are lucky enough to feel connected to their animal overcome the self-reference more easily and, despite all the complaints, turn back to life. The opening up and engagement with the animal strengthens and promotes positive processes and structures of everyday life and the emotional world. Smiles can be achieved despite pain. To meet with others despite possible inconsistency, and much more. Other things are perceived and important again and you see yourself again as a living part of society.

The active occupation with the animal promotes every area of life of people with psycho-somatic complaint syndromes.

What does my emotional supporter need?

Don’t forget to relax yourself and your pet regularly – because anxiety is always massive stress – for both – and chronic stress is unhealthy.