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This i need to know:

All psycho-somatically conditioned disturbing images and pain states is common that the manifold discomfort symptoms lead to a strong self-referential relationship, which causes a real confrontation with the enviroment and which forces negative cycles in your daily life. Despite the manifold physical symptoms, there is often no satisfactory medical explanation, what creates even more desperation and lonliness.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time to recognize the complex issue. Drugs, medication and/or therapy are important elements, but coming back to life despite complaints and pain is usually avoided.

How can my animal support me?

If you are lucky enough to feel a strong bound to your animal, it will be easier to overcome the self-referential lighter. Despite all the discomfort, with your ESA, there is a way back to normal life. Opening up and dealing with the animal strengthens and promotes positive processes and structures of everyday life and your emotional world. Smiles can be achieved despite pain. Meeting with others get possible despite Unpalayouability, and much more. You see yourself again as a living part of society.

The active engagement with the animal promotes every area of life for people with psycho-somatic syndromes.

What needs my emotional support animal?

Don’t forget to relax on a regular bases together with your animal – because fear is always massive stress – for both of you – and chronic stress is unhealthy.