Requirements Purchase PSDeurope Card

The following requirements are required for the issuance of the PSDeurope Card (valid according to US DoT standards). Please purchase the PSDeurope Card only if your dog meets the following criteria.

  • the PSDeurope Card can only be issued for one dog, not another animal
  • The template of your doctor or psychotherapist that you and your dog form an inseparable team and you need your dog to cope with a mental impairment in order to cope well with your life. You can download the doctoral/therapist’s letter in our shop. This confirmation applies to both the issue of the ESAeurope Card and the PSDeurope Card
  • confirmation of a dog school and/or a dog trainer that your dog has received training and meets the required training points (this confirmation should not be older than 24 months).
  • A certificate that your dog has passed the required hair tests in an exam
  • The description of at least one special trait that your dog performs for you to help you with your mental deficits

According to the US DoT standards, you can basically train your dog yourself. Before starting your trip or booking, you must complete and submit appropriate forms from the airline confirming this training. In this context, you assume the guarantee with full responsibility for the fact that your information is correct and that your dog has really been trained.

The PSDeurope Card can therefore only be exhibited in the case of self-training if we have found during an online examination that the training you have carried out has actually provided the required skills. For this we offer special training packages, depending on the current training status of your dog.

Additional offers from ESAeurope on PSD training and PSDeurope Card:

  • PSDeurope Online Dog Testing
    You can book the online exam in our shop and then arrange an exam date. The examination is taken and confirmed by a certified instructor of the association TAT-WAZ (animals as therapy).
  • ESAeurope Online Dog Training
    ESAeurope offers a training to train your individual PSD (psychiatric service animals) in cooperation with TAT-WAZ. We are currently working on a series of instructional videos that serve as the basis for ESAeurope dog training on PSD (psychiatric service dog). The goal is to provide you with a series of instructional videos for training your dog. You can order this online course, as well as the Online PSD exam and the PSDeurope Card in our shop.
  • ESAeurope Online Private Lesson (to book if you have any special questions or do not progress)

Important note from ESAeurope:
The PSDeurope Card will be your confirmation that your dog is trained according to US DoT standards and meets these requirements to act as your individual service dog to assist you with existing mental deficits and disorders. However, we must stress that this evidence will only apply to airlines that accept US DoT standards. Please insure yourself accordingly. A list of the conditions of the most important airlines can be found in our homepage, although we have no claim to be complete, up-to-date and valid.