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Airlines around the world are currently implementing their rules on the journey of animals. Be very careful in your choice!

General tips for booking when travelling with your ESA or PSD.

Summary ESAeurope recommendation when booking flights with your pet

Fly directly whenever possible. If you need to do cross flights, book with an airline that offers its route via codesharing. This ensures uniform criteria for the entry of animals.

Choose an airline that aligns its pet policy according to the rules of USDoT standards. Here the rules are transparent, protected by law and you as an animal keeper have rights that you can claim in case of problems.

In the US, too, any airline can decide whether to adopt US DoT standards or introduce its own regulations. Inquire carefully and in writing to find the right airline choice for your itinerary. Confirm in writing that the terms and conditions under which you book are guaranteed until after the time of return.

ESAeurope recommendations in detail for flight bookings with your favorite
  • Contact the airline you wish to book with. Best by e-mail. This will give you the information in writing. commitments for the travel period. Make sure that you have the name of the person providing information, the date and place you got the information. Copies of entire emails are generally legally recognised as evidence.
  • Take all commitments and information you got with you in writing with the travel documents. (This is how to prevent on-site discussions. Written commitments from the airline are then usually respected. It should be noted that the last word still has the captain of the airplane to finally accept your animal)
  • If you can’t fly directly to the destination, it’s best to book a codeshare flight. This ensures that the terms and conditions of the airline you are booking with also apply to flights operated by other airlines. Codeshare flights are recognizable by the same abbreviations before the flight number. The airline codes on the ticket provide you with legal basis. Observe and follow point 1
  • Attention Flight Partnerships: Flights and flight segments operated by partner airlines have a different flight number code. Thus, on each flight section, the rules apply to the animals of the airline that is carrying the flight (not the airline with which you booked) inquire exactly about the respective pet policy before booking. These can be viewed on the airlines’ websites. Example: In the case of Eurowings, partner airlines are Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Condor, United Airlines, Air Canada and All Nippon Airways. Observe and follow point 1
  • The rules for the travel of animals remain in force with airlines, even if the place of departure and the place of arrival of the flight are outside the country of booking.
  • Many airlines have a different pet policy (according to US DoT standards) for routes to and from the US co,paring to other global flights.
  • You can also negotiate a special permit with the airline you book with. The best way to do this is to use the the Special Services (Special Needs) hotline and to have any agreements confirmed in writing by e-mail.
  • Almost all airlines in the world transport PSDs free of charge in the cabin. Still the allowances and definitions of a PSD can change from airline to airline. The definitions and conditions under which the animals are recognised are available in the below list of airline links. Print the text you find and add it to your travel documents. (see point 1)
  • Please note that entry regulations of the country of destination must be fullfilled as well.
  • If you have trouble, please contact We help as best we can!

Airlines from Europe and Eurasia

AEROFLOT GROUP (Aeroflot, Rossiya, Pobeda)
Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines transports service animals according to US DoT standards


Since Condor has a close relationship with Lufthansa, the same rules apply there as at Lufthansa. PSD animals according to US DoT standards are not transported.

Easy Jet

No Pets allowed in cabin – service dogs allowed

BRITTISH AIRWAYS (British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Air Lingus)

Pet Policy:

British Airways essentially only allows Guide Dogs (for example, the Guide Dog). Currently there is no accompanying permission for a PSD (according to US DoT standard).


FlyBe does not allow ESA’s or PSD’s in the cabin

LUFTHANSA Group (Lufthansa, Swiss, EuroWings) - Austrian will follow

Lufthansa now also accepts dinest dogs (psychiatric service dogs) that are trained according to US DoT standards. The following links provide information:

Olympic Air

Ukraine Airlines accepts ESA animals (as of March 2021)


Turkish Airlines accepts service dogs according to USDoT standards

WIZZ AIR (Hungary)

Proper documentation for a guide/service dog must be presented at the airport.

Airlines from Central America and North America

It is expected that as of today all American airlines will follow the US DoT recommendation and implement the corresponding guidelines for the transport of ESA’s and PSD’s. Currently (as of March 2021) not all American airlines have implemented the recommendation. Please note the provided link for the transport of animals at the desired airline.

Alaska Airlines

No pet animals are accepted in the passenger cabin, except the guide dogs for blind persons. This animal shall not occupy any seat and travel free of charge. Only the Yorkshire dogs are accepted to travel in cabin with passport and updated documents.

Pet animals could travel at cargo compartments in special cages.

Airlines from Asia

CEBU Pacific AIRLINES (Philippines)

Cebu acts in accordance with the US DoT standard for the transport of dogs

China Airlines (Taiwan)

China Airlines (Taiwan) operate according to US DoT standards


China Eastern Airlines acts according to US DoT standards

Indonesian Airways (Indonesia)

No Pet Policy

GO AIR (India)

No Pet Policy

EVA AIR (Taiwan)
Japan Airlines (Japan)

JAL acts according to US DoT standards


No service animals or dogs are allowed in the cabin

Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

Singapore Airlines accepts ESA animals and PSD dogs (as of March 2021)


No Pet Policy

Airlines from the Middle East

AIR ARABIA (United Arab Emirates)

The airline only accepts the transport of falcons in the cabin.

EMIRATES (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates Airlines has allowed ESA animals in the cabin until the end of 2020, but has now changed that. We expect Emirates to also introduce US DoT standards in 2021. Currently, individual agreements must be made before the flight starts.

ETIHAD AIRWAYS (United Arab Emirates)

No current policy on the transport of animals.

Kuwait Airlines (Kuwait)

Carriage according to US DoT standards

ROYAL JORDAN (Jordanian)

Airlines from Africa

AIR ALGERiE (Algeria)

No service dogs allowed in the cabin


No service animals allowed in the cabin


No service animals allowed in the cabin

ARIK AIR (Nigeria)

No information is stored on the Arik Air website. Please contact the airline if necessary


No information about the transport of pets or service animals can be found on the homepage.


No information on the transport of pets or service animals can be seen on the homepage

TUNISAIR (Tunisia)

No information on the transport of pets or service animals can be seen on the homepage