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ESA – Lost & Found Section

ESA-Chip Nummer:   2020-0021

Human – Animal Partner Team

This team is registered with ESAeurope and forms an inseparable human/animal partner team.

The human associated with the animal needs his Emotional Support Animal to cope with daily life. If the team is in danger, we ask for your help. In this case, select the emergency number specified on the chip.

If you have run into the ESA Tier, please contact the owner indicated on this website immediately. You will surely understand how important it is to bring animals and humans together.

The ESAeurope team would like to thank you for your support and help.

Meet Geo + Lisa

ESA Animal: Geo
Breed: Dog / Mixed breed
Colour: Brown
Birthday: May 19, 2018
Chip: 123456789012345

Owner: Lisa Test
Street: Testavenue 723
City: 70000 Test City
Phone: +43 123456789
Email: test722@gmail.com

Emergency number:     +49 01 76543219

ESAeurope Phone: +43 664 9654601

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