ToDo List ESAeurope Card Application

In order to be able to exhibit the ESAeurope Card, we need some confirmations, information and data, which you should send to us by email to

  • Confirmation from your doctor or psychotherapist that your animal forms an inseparable human/animal partner team with you. You can download a form on our homepage that your doctor or therapist can fill out and sign. If you do not currently have access to a corresponding body, you can book an online therapy lesson via ESAeurope, which can alternatively provide a corresponding confirmation if the necessary circumstances arise. information on our homepage. Link: Online Therapy Session
  • Purchase of the ESAeurope Card in our shop
  • Send separate photos of you and your Emotional Support Animal via email attachment to
  • Name, Type, Race, Color, Birthday, Chip Number, Register Number (if available) of Your Emotional Support Animals
  • Address, phone number and email you want on the ESAeurope Card
  • Shipping address if it is different from the address on the card

Thank you very much

Your team ESAeurope