Trauma / PTSB

This i need to know:

Common to all types of trauma and trauma-following disorders is, that the psychological injury that has taken place, is destroying faith in your own abilities and self-determination . The stronger the identification process of the person concerned by the traumatic experience is, the more far-reaching the effects. Body, mind and soul are in constant alert, the stress is enormous. The brain flooded with stimuli has often difficulties to deal with reality.

Secure relations, self-efficacy and to experience one’s own person as positive are important preconditions for retaking a better quality of life.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time for traumatizations to gain with drugs and/or therapy a more or less “normal” everyday life, despite triggers.

How can my animal support me?

If you are lucky enough to feel safe and protected by your animal and with an animal, you can use and reinforce this fact to counter the helplessness from which one is flooded. This creates good conditions for restoring confidence step by step. Daily care for the animal strengthens self-perception and helps to relax day by day. Sensations and feelings can increasingly be perceived and assigned.

The active relation to the animal supports the restoration of dialogue with oneself, with the environment and with life in general, which was destroyed by the trauma.

What needs my emotional support animal?

Don’t forget to relax on a regular bases together with your animal – because fear is always massive stress – for both of you – and chronic stress is unhealthy.