Travel Documents – Flying with the PSD


ESAeurope recommends that you carry all necessary documents twice. So you and your dog are well prepared for complicated situations. This also applies to documents that are required individually by the carrier (airline).

  • General travel documents:
    • International pet passport with chip number and all identity data.
  • Other necessary documents to be presented at the time of booking or check-in (currently for flights to/from the USA)
    • US Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form (this must be provided on all flights to/from the UNITED States)
  • The following documents are usually to be presented at customs or when entering a foreign country:
    • International pet passport with chip number and all data stored there as proof of ownership
    • Required proofs of vaccination from the country of entry
    • other necessary evidence required by the country of entry
      (it is absolutely necessary to inform yourself about the regulations of the receiving country before you start the journey)
  • ESAeurope empfehlt zusätzlich:
    • Human-dog team ESAeurope PSD Card
    • Flying with PSD – Study of the rights and obligations of every person who has assigned a PSD
    • Lost&Found Chip by ESAeurope
    • Complete travel bag for the dog with all the necessary contents