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With the following form we ask you to send us your elaborated task list.

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Use this form to book an online session to discuss the required PSD Task List, which is subsequently required by the airlines. The Task List describes the specific service your Psychiatric Service Dog will provide for you. It is therefore essential in order for your dog to be accepted as a PSD.
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Please insert your order key for the PSD theory course here. You have received this key with the access data by email. (17 digits)
Please upload your idea about a possible task list of your dog. We will contact you based on this proposal to finalise the mandatory task list.

The task list is an important part of the PSDeurope certification. Please use the form on the left to send us your proposal.
We will review this proposal and contact you to work out the final version, clarified with our psychotherapist.
You can also contact us directly using the link below.