This i need to know:

What is common to all types of autism is that difficulties in social understanding lead to a special idea of what other people think and feel in a particular situation. Empathy and understanding of the behavior of others are lacking. For outsiders, such reactions are hardly comprehensible to all. This often causes misunderstandings and irritations and makes it difficult for autistic people to adapt, to understand rules, to open up to changes or to identify dangers.

What can I do?

It can sometimes take a long time for the diagnosis to be made and for the complex issue to be identified. Medication and/or therapy are important elements in the treatment of autism. In addition, permanent social interaction is an essential part of improving the quality of life.

How can my animal support me?

If you are lucky enough to get along well with your animal, you can learn a lot from interacting with the animal. More advanced vertebrates (e.g. dogs or horses) feel and react to humans. The autistic person experiences a special, positive moment.

Animals do not value, they are in the here and now and openly show their feelings. These are all important learning resources with actual role models. Animals, including an ESA, help those affected to accept themselves despite the difficult circumstances. Animals give them the support to master life. The active engagement with the animal promotes every area of life of people with an autistic disorder.