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Feedback – Experience with PSDeurope documents

I once again want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support in getting my dog L. trained and qualified as a service dog.
In addition, Burkhard, you have been a tremendous help in getting L. approved by Lufthansa and also by Heathrow airport. I know they contacted you for questions. I am so grateful for what you did and the fact that you answer any query so quickly and efficiently.
Warm regards,
F + L.
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How to convince a landlord of my ESA (Emotional Support Animal).

How to convince a landlord to have an ESA in the apartment:

  • Talk to your landlord, collect your documents

  • Sometimes a landlord will allow a pet/ESA as long as you ask. In many cases, however, landlords include a “No Pets” clause in the lease to better control how many people have pets in their apartments.

  • Ideally, you will have gotten along well with your landlord during your rental period and paid your rent on time. You can use your current relationship with your landlord and your status as an excellent tenant to show that you will also be a responsible pet owner.

  • It is helpful if you can provide some documentation that shows you are willing to take responsibility and that illustrates the seriousness of your situation.

  • Possible documents are:

    • Status of your animal as an Emotional Support Animal. make it clear that you need your ESA to live well. Show your ESAeurope ID card and confirmation from your doctor or psychotherapist that you need your ESA for your mental health

    • Information about the state of health of your future pet

    • Information about the veterinarian you plan to use and any classes you plan to take with your pet.

    • By providing additional documentation to your new landlord, you can allay fears that your pet will trash or destroy the apartment and disturb other tenants. To do this, also provide additional persuasive documentation for ESAs, such as: Excerpt from the European Union Disability Act or the definition of an emotional support animal and more detailed information about the benefits to people.

    • If you are changing apartments try to get a letter from your current landlord commenting on how well behaved and non-disruptive your pet is.

    • Veterinary records, including records of vaccinations and check-ups.

    • Depending on the type of animal – records of training or obedience classes your pet has attended, records of neutering, …

Most landlords know that good tenants who pay their rent on time, have no significant conflicts with other tenants, and otherwise contribute positively to the rental community are hard to find, and will bend the rules a bit to keep you.
Ask the landlord to meet your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or show them a photo of your pet.

Show your commitment. Proactively offer a pet deposit in case of damage. Provide proof that you have pet liability insurance that is included in your household insurance policy

Ask about other steps necessary to get permission to keep your pet.

Sample Letter: Requesting Permission to Have an ESA Pet in my appartment

(Your Name)
(Current Address of Your Apartment, Unit #)
(City, State, Zip Code)

{ “date”.)

(Landlord or Apartment Company’s Name)
(Address as Printed on Your Lease)
(City, State, Zip Code)

Re: Permission to have a pet in my apartment

Dear (Name of landlord or manager),

I am writing to you today to contact you about an important issue. For medical reasons, I have an animal (insert animal). He/she is an ESA /Emotional Support Animal) It is prescribed by a (insert professional). It has official status as an ESA.

ESAs are globally recognized medical tools for people with mental health diagnoses who respond to animals.

I would like to make an appointment to provide the appropriate verification and discuss the conditions you have to qualify me as the owner of an ESA. If necessary, I would be happy to provide appropriate additional documentation, such as from the European Union Disability Act or the definition of an Emotional Support Animal and more detailed information on the benefits to humans. A letter from your current landlord speaking to how well-behaved and non-disruptive your pet is. Vet records, including records from vaccinations and checkups. Depending on the species – records from any training or obedience classes your pet has taken, spay or neuter records

I am happy to discuss any conditions or requirements you may have for my ESA to be accepted, as well as sign an appropriate agreement highlighting any limitations you may have regarding the ESA.

As I need my pet close to me to cope well with everyday life it is very important to me that the pet is kept in a species appropriate manner, clean and healthy. The animal is properly cared for, and no neighbors disturb. The animal (insert animal) is insured, I am liable for it.

I appreciate your willingness to discuss this issue with me. Please call (at/email) at (insert phone or email, depending on your preference for communication) so we can schedule a time to talk.


(Your Name and Signature)
(Apartment Number)
(Phone or Email Address)

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emergency flight to Canada

Airline: Air Canada
Destination: Vancouver

Flight: December 2021

Emergency to Canada

Hi Burkhard – yes we made it! It turned out to be a longer time in flight / plane as expected (~12 hours) – but B… did great. A lot of people commented how well he’s done and behaved.

The process after getting through the Air Canada Meda team was quite straightforward.
Today, we have gained also admittance into the hospital where my …. is – and it can be they ask us to bring him to other patients to visit. I will let you know how this turns out.
I am also happy to provide some feedback, but overall I can’t say anything other than you have been exceptional!
I greatly appreciate you both going over and above to help us out as our situation changed and needed to fly over here early. You put everything together as I needed it, and it would have been much more difficult for myself alone to get things straightened away as you have presented them!!!


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With Dalmatian to USA

Airline: TAP
Destination: New York

Flight: December 2021

Via New York to Houston

Hello Beate and Burkhard,

in the meantime we are almost in Houston; not only the flight worked out very well, but also the handling with border control, customs etc. was with and for J…. thanks to the ‘blue vest’. And the actually not insignificant pressure for us bipeds was really better to manage by his presence. ‘Psychiatric Service’ in the truest sense of the word! By the way, the muzzle was visibly hanging on the blue backpack the whole time (with blanket, emergency diaper pants – which we didn’t need – water bottle, etc.), but was not ‘requested’ by anyone. J… also behaved really well – I had the impression that he had grown a lot with his tasks, so to speak, and that he sensed very precisely what was important. We send a few first pictures enclosed, film sequences we cut then surely soon.

As you can see in the pictures, we added the PSD fabric patch to a blue harness. It looks neat for now, but the quality of the dishes suggests we’ll have to get a ‘backup’ soon.


In any case, once again a big thank you from me for your commitment to this cause; we are always happy to contribute in whatever way we can to support your work!


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Travel Information – Stopover USA

Dear ESAeurope Community

Due to the fact that almost all American airlines accept the PSD according to US DoT standards and many other airlines, especially to South America and Central America, still lag a bit behind, the consideration is reasonable to book with your PSD dog in transit via USA.

Due to Corona and the associated travel restrictions, however, there are special conditions for transit flights, which we outline in the following. A good suggestion in this context is to fly with Air Canada, as transit through Canada is easier and also accepted by Air Canada PSD’s according to the US DoT standards.


Who is not looking forward to a long-awaited holiday? The trip has been booked, e.B. to Cancun, Mexico or Vancouver, Canada. There is a small stopover of a few hours in the USA, because the flight takes you e.B. via Los Angeles or New York. Meanwhile, the holiday planning for your trip is in full swing: Which hotel should we choose? Which beachwear makes it into the suitcase? Stop! Before you continue to indulge in holiday anticipation, you should pay attention to transit through the United States. Because the supposed stopover has it all. What transit means to you and what you need to consider can be read here.

What is considered transit or transit?

Even if your main destination is not the United States of America, a short transit stay of a few minutes, a few hours or more means de facto entry into the United States. Therefore, you must ensure that you comply with the US entry requirements and that you are not denied onward travel due to a lack of careful preparation and, in the worst case, you have to return home at the American transit desk.

Visa or Visa Waiver Program with ESTA?

Basically, all people who do not have an American passport need either a visa or a valid ESTA entry permit to enter the United States, even for transit of a few minutes or hours. In principle, the following residence permits can be considered:


ESTA (as part of the Visa Waiver Program, VWP) is available to most Europeans and many other nationalities. For this purpose, the traveler only needs to be in possession of a current ESTA permit. This ESTA approval can be obtained online in a matter of minutes.

Attention: ESTA no longer valid after travel to the following countries: Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. Persons who actually qualify for the ESTA procedure (e.B German, Austrian or Swiss citizens), but who have travelled to the above-mentioned countries since 1 March 2011, are excluded from the ESTA procedure. Inevitably, these individuals will need to apply for a U.S. visa, even if they are in transit for less than an hour.


If you come from a country or have a passport from a country that is not approved for the ESTA procedure (e.B. Turkey or Ukraine) or you do not get an ESTA entry permit for any other reason, you will definitely need a US visa. The right visa for transit is the so-called C visa. To do this, you must apply for a visa and attend an interview appointment at the U.S. Consulate in your home country. Ship passengers who travel with a ship to a destination not in the USA and whose ship arrives at a US port without docking there also often need a transit visa issued as a combination C-1/D visa (for crew members). We advise you to submit the application in good time, i.e. at least four to six weeks before the planned trip.

The following requirements must be met:

  • It is an immediate or continuing transit through the United States.
  • You must be in possession of a regular ticket or proof of destination.
  • They have sufficient financial resources for the transit journey.
  • You have permission to enter another country after leaving the United States.

B-1 / B-2 VISA

Persons who are excluded from the ESTA procedure and travel to the USA for transit purposes, but who intend to travel to the USA in the future, have the option of a

to apply. If approved, you would have the authority to travel to the United States for transit, business, and tourism purposes for the duration of the visa. In this respect, we would recommend the B-1 / B-2 variant to our customers, because this is more extensive than the C visa. By the way, the fee is identical, i.e. whether C-1, B-1, B-2 or B-1 / B-2, the consular fee is always the same. The current visa fees can be found on our cost page.

The B visa is also usually applied for as part of a personal interview in one of the responsible US consulates. Plan for around four to six weeks of lead time.


For example, people who have an E, L, or H visa are allowed to enter the United States for work purposes. However, if you are planning a US transit for purely private reasons, e.B. to go on holiday in Mexico, you will need either a valid ESTA entry permit, a C visa or a B visa.

In practice, travelers have often not been turned away with a work visa for pure transits or transit. However, there are also border officials who are very strict and, in the worst case, do not recognize transit by work visa.

Transit from Travel Ban countries

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, entry into the U.S. has been severely restricted. As a result of the US entry ban, entry into the United States from certain regions (including the Schengen area) is currently prohibited until further notice. This affects visa holders, persons with valid ESTA authorisations and persons with other valid travel documents – including vaccinated or recovered persons.

Currently, entry into the USA is only possible in a few exceptional cases. Exceptions apply, among other things, to close family members of US citizens and Green Card holders as well as to persons whose entry is in the national interest of the USA (= National Interest Exception,NIE).

Important: Since a transit stay in the USA is considered an entry by the US authorities, transit travellers are also affected by the so-called Corona Travel Ban. This means that transit travelers who fall under the Corona Travel Ban will be denied entry to the United States. The decisive factor here is the country in which you have stayed within 14 days before your planned transit through the USA.

Typically, transit travel through the United States does not entitle you to obtain an NIE exemption. This means that transit travelers who have stayed in one of the Travel Ban countries within 14 days of the planned transit through the United States are normally not allowed to enter the United States without further ado.

Transit travelers who believe that their transit through the U.S. is of urgent need should contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Our conclusion

Even with transit trips, the US entry requirements must be complied with in any case, so that the dream holiday or a business trip does not become a nightmare.

Source: The American Dream

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News from ESAeurope

We have recently developed some news for ESAeurope, which we will briefly introduce to you in the following:

  1. Some of our customers have asked us to install a simpler selection method on our site. We have responded to this request through the ” Quick Access Bar “, whichallowseasy access to important areas.
  2. We have added a number of new forms to the website, which now easily improve communication with us and reduce it to the essentials. So you can now send your data and pictures to us without much effort (form “data transfer”). If necessary, you can book an online therapy with us (form “Booking Online Therapy”), you have direct access to our shop, you will find current information on flying with your dog (page Airlines) and we will provide you with a number of other useful information.
  3. As an integral part of the necessary PSD training of your dog, we have also designed an e-learning platform “PSD Online Trainings Course”, which includes 16 chapters with over 90 individual sections on the subject of PSD training. You get direct access to this online course when you book one of the available PSD Service Packages in our shop. After booking a PSD package, you will receive your individual access data for this course and can cope with it in your time and in your own way.
  4. In order to clarify the fundamental question of whether you are even eligible as a owner of a PSD dog (unfortunately there are certain requirements here), we have recently put a test form on the homepage (quick access button “PSD Test – can your dog be a PSD). Please use this test to ensure that you can act as a PSD human/animal partner team.
  5. Now, after a few months of the new PSD regulation, we can also clearly say that more customers tend to certify their dog as a PSD, even if this is much more complex and takes more time and money. We can also say that more and more global acting airlines are following the rules of US DoT standards in accepting PSD’s. In order to certify your dog as a PSD, in contrast to the normal ESA (Emotional Support Animal), training is simply necessary, which in addition to the therapeutic confirmation of the dog owner also requests a training certification by a trained and qualified dog trainer. Therefore, there are three different PSD packages to book in our shop, which you can choose depending on your level of training.

We are currently working on further innovations, which we will gradually put on the homepage. The next step will be an introduction video of ESAeurope as an organisation that we are currently working on.

So much for the latest information

Your team from ESAeurope

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PSD Training – Video instructions

ESAeurope Demo Video List for PSD Training Package Requirements – Demo videos

  • These videos will be sent to ESAeurope before the final coaching. Each exercise shows that you have practiced well and also prepared situations for the journey. It works best when you are calm and relaxed. Please give the signals/commands in a friendly tone. Each video is supposed to last about 20 – 30 seconds.
  • If it does not succeed, then practice something else and do the video again. The videos you send in should not be shortened, but shot in one piece
  • Ask a trusted person to take the video scenes. You can then concentrate better on the exercise and the dog.
  • Demo videos from our community can be found on the front page in the quick search bar. It shows members of our community. You see that it is not difficult.
  • For videos with other people: Video should show the dog and not the head area of strangers. Keep the camera focused on the dog(s) and only up to maximum shoulder height of humans. This is a precautionary measure on data protection. If you have strangers to help you – show them your video so that they feel safe.
  • Always choose the right location to match the signal and the circumstances you need. You are welcome to shoot at your practice location. Depending on the possibility, choose places to practice that come close to the situation at the airport and on the plane.

Send the demo videos best with WhatsApp or Telegram to: +436641454922 When sending email to Please reduce the file sizes as much as possible ESAeurope wishes you two a good time. stay calm and don’t expect everything to work out right on the first try!

  1. PSD training video – command “sit” and “walk on a loose leash” Filming location arbitrary. This video shows how your dog commands the “seat” and the “walk on a loose leash”. That’s difficult Goes straight with your dog on a leash, then it should sit down and remain seated until your command to pass on. Then you go back a bit on the loose leash and give the signal “seat” again. The dog remains. The video should show the signal “seat” 3 x, in between he goes loosely on the leash with you.
  1. PSD training pattern video “attack” Location: Home. This video is intended to show that the dog can be touched without resistance. Body touching must be accepted. For small and medium-sized dogs, the video should show that you can lift up your dog and put it on a table. Bigger dogs stay on the ground and you kneel in front of it. Now touch the dog briefly all over his body, look behind his ears, lift his paws and feel it Open the mouth of your dog a bit, so that you can see his teeth. You are welcome to talk to your dog calmly and friendly during the exercise. Unacceptable behavior would be: growling, teeth gnashing, clear defensive movements when touching, great restlessness, strong trampling or trembling when you lift it up
  1. PSD training pattern video “go to the loose Leash” and dog contact Filming location: Outdoor with other dogs on the road or in a shopping center. This video is intended to show that the dog walks loose on a leash without resistance, even if other dogs are nearby or walk past you. Start: If possible, the dog should run parallel to the side of you. Other dogs that are nearby or walking past you do not disturb your dog. He passes them on the loose leash. Unacceptable behavior: the leash is permanently stretched, you exert pressure on the leash, jump on, pull away, suddenly run off
  1. PSD training pattern video “Muzzle” Filming location arbitrary. The video should show that your dog can put on a well-fitting muzzle, wears it and does not try to strip it off. You can also combine the exercise with another exercise, for example with video number 4, 5 or 6. Unacceptable behavior: any attempt to strip off the muzzle, clearly visible feeling uncomfortable or shake, whimper, growl or bark
  1. PSD training pattern video “Good quiet behavior behind the shopping cart or luggage” filming location arbitrary. You show that the dog feels calm and safe with you and run along you despite a near by suitcase / trolley / shopping cart. Unacceptable behavior: permanent pulling on a leash, constant barking, stretched leash
  1. Task: PSD training pattern Video “Dog is a placeholder for you”Filming location: among other waiting people (at a cash desk, in front of a shop, waiting for admission, at the vet, in a bank). The video is intended to show that you can put your dog in front of and at a distance in one place – in front of, behind or next to you – and thus keep other people at a distance. The dog remains in position until you move on. For this exercise, the dog must master the command“Stay”. Unacceptable behavior: during the video jump up from the assigned place and leave the place, do not continue together with you.
  1. PSD training pattern video “Personal help (task)” filming location arbitrary. The video is intended to show a situation in which you individually support your dog in a psychologically difficult situation for you. This is the essence of the PSD (psychiatric service dog). Consider the corresponding demo examples on our website. First explain your behavior in the video and describe the task of the dog. Then show the task fulfillment 2-3 x.
  1. PSD training pattern images “Calm behavior in the constricted Room” for at least 30 seconds Filming location: Home, narrow space – practice flight situation (under a chair, in a large box, in the dog box or cage). Show in the video that your dog settles easily in a narrow space and remains quiet there without prompting. In the demo videos on the frontage/quick search bar you will find examples of this. You can choose a large box, design a narrow space with chairs, choose a small lift and ride up and down in it and/or reduce the available space for the dog using a travel bag or suitcase. You can also choose the footwell of your car. Unacceptable behavior: aggressive behavior or problem with tight space, constant restlessness, getting up without command.
  1. PSD training pattern video “Encounter with other dogs and people” filming location arbitrary. The video shows a welcome scene. You approach another dog and its owner. Humans and dogs greet each other. People exchange a few words and move on. Your dog welcomes the other dog or ignores it. Both is acceptable. Then you go on with your dog. This scene is meant to show that your dog is so socialized that other people and other dogs make him stressful when they approach themselves. Your dog remains calm and shows no signs of stress. Unacceptable behavior: Aggressive or behavior of any art.
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PSD Travel – Thailand – Cyprus – May 2021

Dear ESAeurope friends

Today we can once again note with great pleasure that one of our ESAeurope customers has successfully flown with your dog. This time from Thailand to Cyprus.

Our customer M. decided a few weeks ago to start a PSD training with her dog Maui to take him from Thailand to Cyprus. After many years in Thailand, M. has decided to find her new happiness in Cyprus.

After all airlines refused the transport to Cyprus as a normal pet or as ESA (Singapore Airlines would have accepted Maui as ESA, but does not fly to Cyprus), M. contacted us to book and complete an apprenticeship as a PSD (psychiatric service dog). ESAeurope has put together a package with M. to train Maui accordingly and then certify it as a PSD. This worked out wonderfully and M. was able to take Maui with Qatar Air to Cyprus.

Her statement is:

Good morning:))
Everything worked out great, nowhere a problem. Only we were exhausted and stressed
We flew with Qatar Air, Maui is always so quiet because they couldn’t say anything
As ESA it is also with Singapore Air, but for us there was no connection, therefore as PSD with Qatar
We are very proud of the two, who were not only able to successfully complete the training in a short time, but were also able to deliver the required short videos in suitable quality.
We have received permission from M. to put this report on our homepage.
Many greetings and good luck in Cyprus
The ESAeurope team
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Airline Links – Transport of ESA’s + PSD’s

For our customers we have created a new page which contains links to the different airlines and the respective regulations for the transport of ESA’s and PSD’s of the airline concerned.

We will continuously add to this page. You can find the page in our homepage menu. Since the regulations are constantly changing, we can not guarantee the content. Please do not book before you have confirmed everything from the side of the chosen airline. If you have problems checking in at the airport it is definitely too late for a good response.

Your team from ESAeurope