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Feedback to PSDeurope – General

There is no greater gift than to be able to travel the world with your dog by your side. Burkhard & Beate have gifted me this treasure. As a US citizen, my dog Maddie is certified as a service animal within the states. When I decided to move to Europe, there was no question that Maddie would join the adventures. I quickly realized, when I got to the airport in Portugal to fly to Spain that my letter wasn’t enough for Maddie to sit with me on the plane, they told me she’d have to go in cargo. There was no way I was going to let that happen. 

After weeks of hopeless searches to find a trainer to certify Maddie as a service animal within the EU, I finally found PSDEUROPE. I reviewed their website & emailed to ask if we could hop on a voice call to review my concerns. Burkhard Knapp responded right away, he was extremely kind & offered a FaceTime for a more formal introduction. I had the pleasure of e-meeting Burkhard & his wife Beate who answered all my questions & reassured me it would be possible to travel with my Maddie alongside me once again. 

I studied hard actually had a lot of fun training Maddie (she really enjoyed all the treats too.) Both Beate & Burkhard were always so kind & resourceful to answer my questions along the way. They made a situation that could have been very stressful, extremely stress-free. Within appropriate time Maddie was a certified EU PSD Psychiatric Service Dog. 

I am blessed beyond words for this organization. I have been able to fly with Maddie by my side throughout Europe. We’ve been from Portugal to Croatia, to Germany & Italy & it’s been a wonderful ride every time. The airport staff always loves to see Maddie walking the runway, it makes me so joyful to see their smiles. Maddie makes everyone’s day! Burkhard & Beate are doing Gods work & I am so grateful I found this pot of gold. 


T. & Maddie
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Feedback – Experience with PSDeurope documents

I once again want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support in getting my dog L. trained and qualified as a service dog.
In addition, Burkhard, you have been a tremendous help in getting L. approved by Lufthansa and also by Heathrow airport. I know they contacted you for questions. I am so grateful for what you did and the fact that you answer any query so quickly and efficiently.
Warm regards,
F + L.
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Feedback – During the PSD course

Good day Dear Burkhard,

We are doing very well with the course! Thank you very much for asking!
At the beginning I thought that I needed the therapy confirmation in order to complete the theory course, but afterwards I understood that everything is sent together at the end.

Thank you again for asking, all in all we have a lot of fun with the exercises and are more than happy with all the great tricks and information we learn!

Kind regards


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Feedback G. from Austria – 04/22

Dear Mrs. Beate Pottmann-Knapp,

thank you very much!

Everything is fine, as far as I can judge with my modest knowledge of English.

Thank you for the nice feedback of my videos.

I am very happy to have done this training with my dog. It has brought me closer to her again and the training itself has also boosted my self-confidence again and makes me look more positively into the future. Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from them for possible demo videos in the fall

LG G. and her bitch O.