ESA – Labelling

ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) are not generally recognized, but enjoy great acceptance in so far as they are characterized.

So if your ESA is marked with a work vest, there is a great chance of entering areas (e.g. supermarket, authorities, etc.) where this is not normally allowed.

By marking, you signal that your animal is being used as an aid here and that it is absolutely necessary for you to take it with you. Your animal hereby distinguishes itself from its “normal” fellows and is recognized as professional-working

By tagging your pet, you create public awareness of the difference between a pet and a working animal – an awareness of your pet’s right to take it.

After registering and presenting the required papers (see the relevant information page), you can purchase the identification of your animal and, if necessary, one of our benefit packages, identification mark and work vest, depending on the booking.

In principle, it is also possible to order individual labelling components.