Unfortunately, stress is too much in all our lives. Learning stress-reducing exercises is important. So you can support and accompany yourself.

There are techniques that show you how to calm yourself down.
There are techniques that show how to calm yourself, slow down, relax in the interaction with your animal.

This is good for both and is always healthy.

By the way, such strategies and tools promote the ability to concentrate, to relax your muscles and help to sleep better. Important is to carry out an exercise at least once daily for at least 3 weeks before any positive effects will show. We recommend to repeat the same exercise for 3 months in a row if possible at the same time.

Mindfulness exercises as pre-training teach the body, the mind and psyche to prepare properly and to approach relaxation. That is why they are the first step towards relaxation.

Mindfulness Exercises: (will follow shortly)

We, humans and animals, actively relax actively together

We, humans and animals, relax passively together